In case of irregular watering, plants will fade and then die in time. This often happens when people leave their plants behind at their homes or offices when taking a vacation and this causes many people to give up their lovely plants.

Both under watering and over watering can have negative results for plants. Over watering can not only cause the floors to become dirty but also cause plants who don’t like too much water to wilt.

Vasso Smart Pot is especially designed to resolve all these problems and makes plant growing much more easier. Growing plant will be easier for everyone using the Vasso Smart Pot.

Vasso smart watering system will provide your plants with continuous and regular nutrition.

Specially improved Vasso smart pot is divided into two parts-bottom chamber&top chamber. The bottom chamber is filled with water whereas the top chamber is filled with soil. Bottom chamber under the top soil chamber has a different water capacity according to the size of the pot. If you fill the bottom chamber with water, you won’t need to water your plant for a long time according to the plant type and ambient temperature.

Due to the moisture maintaining property of Vasso pumice Stone which stays just few centimeters under the soil, provides water to plants as their need.

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