Location : Halapja / IRAQ

Project Start Date : January / 2010

Project Delivery Date : June / 2011

Completion Period : 18 months

Description : As being the first olympic stadium constructed in the NORTHERN IRAQ, it was put into service in Halapja in 2011 with a 10.000 seating capacity.Dimesnion of it’s football field is 72 meters X 113 meters and on the surface of the football field, the natural grass in roll is used and it is grown incompliance with FIFA standards.The grass in compliance with the country’s natural structurewas started to be grown one year ago and transported by land from Edirne,Turkey to Halapja, Iraq traveling 2400 kilometers, which is the longest distance up to date and then spread out on the field in one day and allowed to grow inits natural environment.
The complate work process performed had wide media coverage in Iraq.The EPDM running track, which is 400 meters long, was constructed in compliance with IAAF standards and allows all athletic competitions to be performed easily.The name of the stadium was changed to Halapja Olympic Stadium because the EPDM running track and the natural grass football field made by US allow all kinds of sport activities.